What Are the Weirdest Objects Ever Made from Precious Metals?

We have already written on this blog about strange things that have been made from precious metals over the centuries. (See “Be On the Alert for Strange Objects Made from Precious Metals,” a blog post we published on November 16, 2016.) In that post, we wrote about sterling-silver prosthetic noses, gold-plated iPhone cases and other oddities.

But some items that have been offered for sale recently on eBay have shown us that the items we described in that post are not the end of the story. People still like to make all kinds of odd items from gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals. Here are some of the things we have seen. As you hunt for precious metal to recycle for profit, perhaps you should get them on your radar.

Ammunition - For some reason, people are still enthralled with silver bullets. You can occasionally find them for sale in eBay, and possibly find even more in batches of ammo that turn up in estate sales.

Guns, knives and other weapons - Again, people seem to want to make and own weapons that are embellished with decorations made of silver and gold. And if you think you are only going to find old dueling pistols and daggers with gold decorations and silver grips, think again. Many newer weapons are decorated with silver and gold too - and we’re not talking about plating alone. If you find the right weapon, it could contain nice big chunks or silver and gold that we can recycle for you for dollars.

Sex toys and “personal” items - We are hesitant to describe what they are, but you can find them for sale on eBay, and possibly in other places too. Enough said.

Smoking accessories - Cigar and cigarette holders, lighters, cigarette cases and cigar humidors have long been decorated with silver and gold accents. Even though tobacco is going out of vogue, you can still find lots of these items to recycle.

Prosthetic items - We mentioned prosthetic noses above. But we have recently seen other strange silver items for sale too, like a prosthetic silver eyeball and a silver prosthetic finger. Delicacy again prevents us from exploring this topic further. Let’s just say that if it is a part of the human body, somebody has probably reproduced it in silver or gold.

Lucky charms - We are not talking about breakfast cereals, but about four-leaf clovers, silver-mounted rabbit feet, ankhs, amulets and all kinds of other charms that people think will bring them luck. Maybe you don’t find these strange, but we guess that we do. If you find one that’s made of solid gold, you are lucky - so maybe they actually work.

And When You Find These Items

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