How to make money trading in huge gold jewelry

The Bling Thing - How to make money trading in huge gold jewelry

Bling has been around for centuries. Marie Antoinette, members of the Russian Imperial family and all kinds of royals from past ages have loved to adorn themselves with shiny, oversized pieces of jewelry. They were apparently trying to send a message that said, “I can afford this stuff, you can’t, I am richer than you are, and you better be impressed.”

People use bling to send that same message today. If you look at the pictures in the society pages of newspapers, you will notice that a lot of the wealthy people who are attending elegant events and fundraisers are wearing jumbo jewelry. If you watch stars arrive on the red carpet on Oscar night, you’ll see the same thing. If you watch baseball games, you will see gold chains peeking out from under some of the players’ jerseys. Rappers seem to love bling too. And you ever watch boxing matches on TV, forget about it. Even lower-ranked boxers who are walking to the ring for their bouts are often covered in bling. Wealthy young entrepreneurs adorn themselves with watches that are the size of alarm clocks. And then there bling has caught on and is very popular with pop musicians in many Asian countries.  

The most popular bling items today are oversized gold chains and gold medals. Much of it looks the same but in fact, there are two kinds of bling.

Real Gold Bling with Real Gemstones

Some bling items are made of solid gold or silver, and are often embedded with diamonds. (A big gold disk that shows the owner’s initials in embedded diamonds, that’s bling.) Because only very wealthy people can afford this kind of bling, it doesn’t often appear for sale on the secondary market. Rich people tend to stay rich, it’s just a fact of life.

Gold-Plated Bling with Fake Gemstones

They are big, oversized, ostentatious items that are gold plated to look like the real thing. Or they could be silver, sometimes embedded with fake gemstones. These are the bling items you will find for sale most often, if you look in the following places . . .

  • Pawn shops. It seems that some people who like to look rich sometimes fall on hard financial times. And when they do, they often take their bling to pawnshops. Again, most of the big chains and medals you will find at pawn shops are of the gold-plated variety.
  • EBay and other online auctions. They are great sources of bling pieces, again possibly because the people who invested in them now want to dispose of them. On a recent visit to eBay, we found a wide selection of gold-plated medals, chains, as well as a lot of silver items. (If you want, for example, a large silver-plated pendant in the shape of a tiger’s head that has emeralds for eyes and you only want to spend about $50.00 for it, eBay is your next stop.)

What to Do If You Buy a Bling Piece

As we noted above, solid gold bling jewelry doesn’t get sold too much on eBay, or it gets sold for high prices. More of it is in pawn shops, but because pawnshop owners are not dumb, they know what they have and are unlikely to sell it at giveaway prices. But your typical corner-store pawnshop often has a few smaller solid gold medals and chains on display. (Religious medals too.)

If you have bought a piece of large jewelry and do not know what it is made of, your next step is to call Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners. We will be happy to test your bling. In fact, we may even pay the shipping cost if you send it to us for testing.

So give us a call at 800-426-2344 and tell us about your bling. The only thing better than looking rich is being rich. We have helped many people reach that goal.

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