Be on the Lookout for Platinum Sponge, the High-Return Platinum Investment

All precious metals investors like to be on the lookout for bright, shiny chunks of pure metal. Of them all, platinum jewelry, coins and bullion shine the brightest. They are white and shiny, with no tarnish. You look at them and immediately know they are valuable.

Today, we would like to raise your awareness about a different kind of platinum investment: used industrial platinum sponge. It usually looks brown, discolored and tarnished to the naked eye. But looks can be deceiving because for such an ugly-looking form of platinum, sponge is highly valuable and deserving of your attention.

If you use platinum sponges in manufacturing operations, you already know a lot about them. You know where to buy them, what they cost, and maybe even how to install them in your production machinery. But here’s something you might not know . . .  

A used platinum sponge is worth a lot

Here are three of the reasons why . . .

  1. Even small quantities of used platinum sponge can contain more platinum that you’d expect. Even if you are looking at scraps and splinters that appear brown and worthless, they could be worth a lot of money, because they still contain platinum that is extremely pure. If you weigh your scrap, you can estimate its value. Remember, platinum is currently trading for about $850.00 on the London Fix. So just a small pile of platinum sponge scrap can bring you a large return.
  2. Platinum sponges are made of platinum that is almost 100% pure. To make platinum sponge, a chemical agent was added to molten platinum. That agent foamed and made the platinum assume a sponge-like, porous form as it cooled. The sponge that was manufactured in that way is nearly pure platinum – in many cases, 99% pure or even more.
  3. You get an unusually large and quick payback from platinum sponges that we recycle for you. Why? Again, it’s the purity. Most other materials that we refine – such as alloys, chemicals, ores, sludge and other materials - are difficult and costly to process. In comparison, a platinum sponge is generally easier and faster for us to process. You send us your platinum sponge scrap, we test and refine it, and you receive prompt payment.

Don’t Let Pure Platinum Slip Through Your Fingers

If you have platinum sponges or other platinum scrap to recycle, call us at 800-426-2344.  We’re America’s best, most qualified platinum refiners. And we are here to help you turn platinum sponge into shiny new cash.

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