Is Platinum a Better Investment than Gold?

For centuries, gold has been thought of as the greatest, most beautiful and most desirable metal in the world. That concept has entered popular culture in many ways. When a product or commodity is spoken of as the best of its kind, it is called “the gold standard.” When athletes compete at the Olympics, the first-place winners are awarded gold medals. And through the ages, many events have happened because of gold. There was the Gold Rush of 1849. Centuries earlier, Spanish explorers sailed to the New World in search of El Dorado, a city made of gold.

But here is a new reality for precious metal investors to think about . . .

Platinum is probably a better investment metal than gold . . . or than any other metal

Why is that the case? Here are some compelling reasons . . .

  • Platinum trading prices are creeping up toward the price of gold. As we go live with today’s post, platinum is trading at $851.00 on the London Fix, compared to $1,262.00 for gold. If you look at gold and platinum prices over the last three decades, you will see that platinum has risen in value as steadily as gold has. Plus, there are other reasons why platinum could be an even better investment. Please continue reading. 
  • Platinum’s rarity sustains strong demand and keeps prices high. Most of the world’s new platinum is sourced from Russia, South America and Canada. That keeps the demand high for recycled platinum, simply because platinum is relatively rare.
  • Smart investors know that there are good sources of platinum scrap that can be recycled profitably. They are investing in platinum industrial scrap, in catalytic converters, in jewelry, in aerospace scrap, and other sources of platinum. Many of those materials, and more, can be acquired at advantageous prices and recycled, often for a greater profit margin than for gold.
  • Platinum is an industrial metal. It is in demand for use in aerospace, in catalytic converters, and in a variety of products that include laboratory equipment, implantable medical devices, medical testing supplies, and more. And of course, platinum is in very high demand as a metal that is used in jewelry.
  • Platinum is growing in popularity with investors. Private investors buy platinum, often in the form of bullion or coins. But with increasing frequency, it is being bought as an investment by banks, investment companies and other businesses that are looking for a reliable and safe investment. It is in demand. And as we all know, demand keeps prices high.

Is It Time to Set Your Sights on Platinum?

Even though we still believe in gold as a premium investment metal, we encourage you to set your sights on platinum as an investment. Whether your holdings in platinum include old industrial supplies, jewelry, medical supplies or aerospace components, give us a call at 800-426-2344 to talk with our precious metal investment consultants.

The world is going platinum. Is it time for you to go platinum too?

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