Big Quantities Can Equal Big Profits

...When You Recycle These Gold-Plated Items

While you’re poking around at the antiques mall you notice a pair of gold-plated earrings sitting in a tray. You could snag them for less than $10.00, but why bother? They are going to contain only maybe 50 cents worth of gold at best. So you walk on by and keep looking for more interesting items.

Okay, if you are thinking that way, you are probably thinking wisely. But let’s ask another question. What if instead of getting just two earrings for $10.00, you could get your hands on 500 gold-plated earrings for, say, $50.00? And to carry that thinking further, what if you could buy 500 old cellphones for $50.00 instead of buying just one for $10.00, and sending them to a precious metals refiner to have the gold they contain extracted?

You are getting the idea. Individual items that contain just a little gold are usually not worth buying. But if you can buy a lot of the same items for an advantageous price, you stand to make a nice profit by recycling them.

And here are some items that it is often possible to buy in large quantities. They all contain gold, so keep your eyes open . . .

  • Cellphones
  • Jewelry manufacturing materials and supplies, including chains, settings, and findings like clasps
  • Computers, old audio equipment and other electronics
  • Old gold-filled eyeglass frames
  • Gold-plated religious and other medals
  • Gold-plated trophies
  • Gold-plated barware and smoking accessories

Buy Big, Profit More

Buying in large quantities is a wise investing strategy, provided you can buy cheaply enough. To learn how to turn those big batches of gold-plated items into cash, call Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners at 800-426-2344 to discuss the testing and refining solutions we offer.

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