Precious Metals: How to Profit from America’s Sell-Off of Industrial Buildings

Last month, a development firm from New York bought a vacant 50-acre manufacturing complex from Caterpillar in Milwaukee. And in the same month, the vacant 37,000 square foot Vista Pointe Industrial Plaza building in San Diego was sold to a California developer.  

Chances are that similar sales are happening near where you live, for many reasons. Along the commuter rail lines around New York City, for example, industrial buildings are being razed and replaced by residential complexes. Across the country, older factories are changing hands. There is no doubt about it. We are living in a period when factories and other industrial buildings are changing hands.

Why are we telling you this? Because many old buildings contain precious metals that you can profit from, provided you can find and recycle them.

Businesses and Industries to Look For

What precious metals are hiding in old buildings? It depends on the kind of companies that were doing business there.

  • Manufacturing companies of almost all kinds are good places to collect silver scrap (in welding scrap and other welding and brazing supplies), platinum (in thermocouples that were used to monitor and control heat in manufacturing operations) and even trace amounts of gold (in scrap left from manufacturing electronic devices). 
  • Printing and photoprocessing companies offer the opportunity to reclaim silver from inks, papers, and film.
  • Jewelry manufacturing companies, as you would expect, are sources of gold, silver and platinum - often much more than greets the eye. Precious metals can be recycled from plating tanks, drains, air filters, and even from dust and floor scrapings
  • Offices of all kinds. If they contain a large number of old computers or other electronic devices, they are going to contain recyclable gold.

How to Obtain those Precious Metals and Make Money

If you buy an industrial building, you are in the enviable position of owning whatever precious metals the building contains. But even if you do not buy and sell buildings, you can still negotiate a deal to acquire materials that the building contains, or that are being discarded. You can cart the waste away, offer to sort it and share the value of what you find with the waste-removal firm that services the property, or with the property owner. 

Often, the precious metals that old buildings contain are overlooked and discarded. Don’t let that happen. When you find scrap, call our precious metals consultants at 800-426-2344. We are here to test and recycle your scrap for maximum financial return.

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