What Are the Most Common Compounds that Contain Platinum?

Platinum has many wonderful properties. It is bright, shiny and resistant to oxidation.

But did you also know that platinum combines with a number of other elements to form chemical mixtures that are useful as catalysts in chemical processes, and also in plating and other industrial processes? And did you also know that in many cases, the platinum that those compounds contain can be extracted by a precious metal refinery like Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners?

Ready . . . here’s a list of platinum compounds that could contain recyclable platinum.

  • Platinum Arsenide
  • Platinum Carbonate
  • Platinum Chloride
  • Platinum Chromate
  • Platinum Cyanide
  • Platinum Dichromate
  • Platinum Dioxide
  • Platinum Fluoride
  • Platinum Hydroxide
  • Platinum Iodate
  • Platinum Iodide
  • Platinum Nitrate
  • Platinum Nitride
  • Platinum Oxide
  • Platinum Oxide Trihydrate
  • Platinum Perchlorate
  • Platinum Phosphate
  • Platinum Phosphide
  • Platinum Selenide
  • Platinum Sulfate
  • Platinum Sulfide

Want to Know More about Chemicals You Discover?

If you find even a small quantity of any of those compounds, call us at 800-426-2344 and ask us to test and evaluate the amount of platinum they contain, and how much that platinum is worth. That bottle or drum of old industrial chemicals you rind could be worth a lot more than you expect.

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