Three Reasons Gold Prices Will Stay Strong Despite Current Trends

There are lots of reasons to worry that the trading price of gold could fall. We can start by mentioning the trade wars and tariffs that have been introduced by the current administration in Washington. We could also mention escalating tensions between the US and a number of other nations, including friendly old Canada, which could restrict the flow of gold across borders. And then there are a number of major world events, such as the fact that the revolution in Syria seems about to be quashed by Assad. It is becoming harder for foreign nationals to emigrate into the United States, even wealthy individuals who could bring a lot of money with them. Will those world events have any affect on the demand or supply for gold?

Yes, there are a lot of variables. But today we are going to step up and say that the following trends are so dominant that both the demand for, and the price of, gold will remain strong in the next four to five years.

Mega Trend One: People Are Making More Money

This trend applies not just to the United States, but to foreign countries like India and China, where growing middle-class segments mean that many more people have a lot more money to spend on jewelry, gold investments, and electronic devices like computers and phones that contain gold.

Here’s an interesting fact. As we write this post, India is working to start a gold exchange. That reflects the demand for gold that is growing in that country. And we know that growing demand for gold will keep prices higher.

Mega Trend Two: The Supply of Gold is Small and Finite

As the demand increases, the supply remains small. And as you know, that means that prices are likely to remain steady or grow.

That means this is a good time to collect recyclable gold scrap and to set up a Specialty Metals Pool Account. (We hold your gold scrap for you and recycle it when trading prices reach a level you specify.) Call Specialty Metals at 800-426-2344 to learn more.

Mega Trend Three: With the Prospect of an Unsteady Dollar, People Become More Interested in Investing in Gold

That trend has been proven many times over the years, because when the worth of a dollar becomes uncertain or drops, investors look to gold. Its reliability during uncertain times is something that can be counted on.

Collecting and Refining Gold

To learn more about refining and recycling gold scrap, call Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners at 800-426-2344. We are here to answer your questions about continuing to profit from gold investments, both today and in the years ahead.

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