How Hospital Administrators Can Become Recycling Stars

If you are an administrator at a hospital, chances are good that you have an unusual opportunity . . .

You can turn unused supplies and equipment into a significant source of income

Are you taking advantage of the opportunity to recycle all the unused precious metals that can be found in your facilities? If not, let’s find out how.

Common Sources of Gold, Silver and Platinum in Hospitals

Hospitals, more than most other facilities, contain large quantities of old supplies and equipment that contain unused precious metals. Be on the lookout for these sources . . .

  • Old computers, x-ray machines, and other electronic devices have circuit boards that contain recyclable gold.

  •   Used laboratory equipment, including crucibles and vessels and tongs, contain platinum that can be worth large sums of money.

  • Used or outmoded cardiac testing probes and catheters contain cadmium and silver.

  • Unused x-ray films, papers and processing chemicals contain silver.

  • Old diesel and gas-powered electrical generators have catalytic converters that contain platinum and other precious metals.

Call Specialty Metals to Learn More

We are here to help you set up a recycling program that can result in significant cost savings for your institution. So instead of tossing old equipment that could be worth more money than you expect, call us today at 800-426-2344 to speak with our precious metal recycling consultants.

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