Where to Find Precious Metals in Buildings You Are Demolishing

If you are in the business of demolishing buildings, you know that the first order of business is usually to “just knock it down . . . make it disappear!”

There is a reason for that. The sooner most old buildings are gone, the sooner they can be replaced with a new shopping center, apartment complex, parking lot, or other income-generating project. So you follow the instructions of the developer that hired you and as quickly as possible, that old building is reduced to rubble and trucks start to haul it away.

But have you considered that some of that stuff that ends up in dumpsters, or gets loaded onto trucks for disposal, could contain valuable quantities of precious metals? Have you stopped to think that you could stand to profit if you are willing to say to the company that owns the building that you are taking down, “Let’s invest just a little time making sure we are not tossing extremely valuable quantities of precious metals that we could both profit from?”

That conversation is worth having. Older commercial properties, apartment buildings and even private homes often contain valuable quantities of precious metals . . .

  • Central air conditioning and heating systems contain thermocouple wire that can contain platinum, as well as thermostats and other devices that contain small quantities of gold. Before they end up in dumpsters, you should examine them to find out what is really there.

  • Factories of many kinds contain gold, silver and other precious metals that were used in manufacturing. Welding supplies, for example, usually contain silver. Plating supplies can contain significant quantities of gold, platinum and other precious metals. If you don’t stop to look, you could lose out on what they are worth. And if you are demolishing a building where jewelry was made, you would be foolish not to examine everything it contained to recover gold, platinum, silver and other metals. Even the dust you find on the floors can be worth much more than you would expect.

  • Private homes with central air conditioning systems usually contain thermocouple wire that was made with silver. Plus, there is the fact that the people who lived in residential buildings might have left behind hidden jewelry, coins, bullion and other items. Again, you owe it to yourself to take a look before you discard what appears to be nothing more than rubble.

And Don’t Overlook Old Appliances, Furnaces and Other Sources of Precious Metals

Old stoves and window air conditioning units contain thermocouple wires, printed circuit boards, and other components that are worth recycling. Old computers contain gold. Even old lighting fixtures and switch plates in elegant homes can be plated with small amounts of gold.

Why throw away precious metals? So before those trucks start to haul away the rubble and junk, call Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners at 800-426-2344. We are here to explain how we can test those materials before you discard them. The result? Money in your pocket, or a new source of revenue for your construction or demolition company.

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