Platinum Is Cool, Platinum is Hot . . . and Here Are the Reasons Why

We have written on this blog in the past about stoves, furnaces, space heaters and other “hot” places you can find platinum thermocouple wire that we can recycle for you in our precious metal refinery.

But what about cold places? Don’t air conditioners contain thermocouple wire that we can process for you? Yes, they do. But before we delve into that subject, let’s consider the fundamental difference between devices that generate heat and devices that cool things off . . .

  • Heating devices raise the temperature either by flowing electrical current through a metal that resists the flow of electrons (which generates heat) or by burning something like gasoline, natural gas or kerosene (which again generates heat). Common examples of these devices include electrical space heaters, electric stoves, and electric furnaces.

  • Cooling devices lower the temperature by compressing and condensing a refrigerant fluid like freon. The compression process requires a motor to be driven by electricity (most often). And in many cases, such as air conditioners, there is also an electric blower or fan that directs the cool air that is produced into a room, a walk-in restaurant refrigerator, you name it.  Common examples of these devices include refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners (both window units and central AC systems). Also, remember that car air conditioning systems use a similar technology. The main difference is that instead of using electric motors to power the compressor, vehicle units generally use energy produced by the gas or diesel-powered engines to spin the compressor.

What Does that Mean to Precious Metal Profiteers?

The information we provide above should help you understand why there are both differences and similarities between the process of extracting precious metals from devices that raise the heat, and devices that lower it.

  • One similarity is that both cooling and heating devices often use thermocouple wire, which contains silver and platinum. 

  • Another similarity is that both cooling and heating devices utilize printed-circuit boards, which contain small amounts of gold.

  • One difference is that electrical heaters of all kinds (heaters, stoves, furnaces) contain heating coils; although they do not contain precious metals, their function is monitored by sensors and controls that are attached to them with thermocouple wire of some kind that usually contains platinum. In contrast, cooling devices cool temperatures not with electricity, but by compressing a refrigerant.

So, Which Kind of Device Contains More Platinum and Gold?

The answer to that question is, it depends on the device! If you have old heating or cooling devices, give our experts a call at 800-426-2344 and talk things over.

We’re always excited to explain where gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals can be found and after you speak with us, we think you will be excited too.

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