Today’s Cars Have More Gold Hiding in More Places than Ever Before

In the past, we have written about all the places where gold can be found in cars. Just for a quick review, it can be found in onboard computers and other electronic devices that have been used to monitor and control . . .

  • Air conditioning and interior temperatures

  • Antilock brakes

  • Dashboard displays, including speedometers and other gauges

  • Engine functions

  • Exhaust and emissions functions

  • Fuel injection

All those Places and More

You can still extract gold from the printed circuit boards that are used in those places. However, thanks to the growing sophistication of advanced automotive systems, gold is being used in even more places in today’s cars. So if you would like to pull printed circuit boards from cars and send them to our gold recycling facility, you have more places to look today than ever before.

Here are some of the new places. Be on the lookout for printed circuit boards in . . .

  • Advanced audio and entertainment systems

  • Advanced safety devices for automatic braking, lane holding, and other functions

  • Batteries that are used in electric and electric-gas hybrid cars

  • Dashboard GPS displays and affiliated electronics

  • Electric motors and motor controllers that are used to power all-electric and gas-electric hybrid cars

  • Electronic steering systems

  • External charging stations for electric and hybrid cars

  • On-board recharging systems for all-electronic and plug-in hybrid cars

  • Smart keys and fobs

  • Touchscreens, which are being used more extensively in cars today than ever before

How Can You Make Money Recycling those Devices?

Remember that volume is the key to making money by recycling gold from those sources, since each printed circuit board you can find typically contains only a few cents’ worth of gold. But because each scrapped modern car contains up to a dozen individual printed circuit boards, it is possible to pile up quantities of boards more quickly than you might realize.

Our advice? Offer to buy printed circuit boards from auto junkyards and send them to our qualified precious metal refinery to be processed. Want to learn more? Call us at 800-426-2344 today.

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