Are Gold Commemorative Coins from the U.S. Mint a Better Investment than Gold Scrap?

We have to say, the U.S. Mint is selling an especially attractive lineup of gold commemorative coins these days. If you visit the U.S. Mint’s website, here’s a selection of what you can buy . . .

  • 100-year American Legion commemorative coins

  • American Buffalo Gold Coins

  • American Eagle Four-Coin Gold Proof Sets

  • American Eagle One-Tenth and One-Quarter Ounce Gold Proof Coins

  • American Liberty 225th Anniversary Gold Coins

  • American Liberty One-Tenth Ounce Gold Proof Coins

  • Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Gold Coins

And that’s only a selection of what you can find for sale on the Mint’s website.

How Are these Gold Coins Priced?

They are priced at a premium above the current gold trading prices. For example, The Mint is selling one-ounce American Buffalo gold coins for $1,660.00, which is a considerable markup from the current trading price of about $1308.00 for one ounce gold.

The U.S. Mint charges more for its coins than current gold trading prices because it expects that buyers will see them as collectibles that will increase in value over time. Will that really happen, and is it a reason to pay more for what is, at base, only a finite amount of gold?

It’s anybody’s guess. But paying more than the current trading price for gold coins seems risky. We could have a better idea for you . . .

Invest in gold scrap instead

Gold scrap comes in many varieties. It could be batches of old gold and gold-plated jewelry, scrapings and filings and dust from old jewelry factories, old tanks that were used in gold plating operations, old eyeglass frames, and other sources.

Why are those forms of gold scrap potentially a much better investment than commemorative coins from the U. S. Mint? Consider these reasons . . .

  • You are gambling a bit with gold scrap, which could turn out to be worth more than you think it is. (Of course, it could turn out to be worth less too.) But if you call our gold testing lab and send in your scrap, there is a chance that it will be worth a lot more than what you paid for it. And that will probably never happen with gold coins you buy from the U.S. Mint, even if they turn out to be sought-after collectibles.

  • You stand a good chance of acquiring quantities of gold scrap at rock-bottom prices. For example, you can often snap up a lot of old jewelry, eyeglass frames, or factory floor sweepings for extremely low prices. And when you send that scrap to us for testing and refining, you could find out that your small investment is about to pay you back richly.

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We are here to offer you the advice you need about evaluating your gold scrap!

Of course if you prefer to buy beautiful gold commemoratives from the U.S. Mint and count on them to appreciate, that is up to you. But many of our clients think it is just as beautiful to profit sooner, from investments in gold scrap. And we think you just might find it beautiful too.

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