How to Claim the Cash that’s Hidden in Used Equipment Containing Thermocouple Wire

If you have production-line equipment that you’re about to discard, you could be losing money. Your old equipment might look like scrap metal to you and not much more but if you toss it, you could be throwing money away. More production equipment than you realize contains thermocouple wire that can be valuable. If you remove it from your old equipment and have it recycled, refined and processed, you can net more money than you might realize.

What Kind of Equipment Is Most Likely to Contain Thermocouple Wire?

Image of platinum thermocouple wire scrap, a very profitable type of scrap Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners can recycle for your company.
  • Any kind of production-line or testing machine that heats or cools materials during the manufacturing process. Some examples include annealing machines, Pasteurizing equipment, and equipment that either cooks or freezes food.
  • Systems that measure temperatures on your production line. If a temperature gauge is located at some distance from your production line, for example, it is connected to the point of measurement by thermocouple wire.
  • Systems that measure radiation on your production line or premises. That’s right – thermocouple wire can be used in equipment that measures radiation too.
  • Automated welding equipment.  Wherever metals are joined, temperatures must be controlled or measured – and that requires the use of thermocouple wire.
  • Machines that heat or cool materials that are introduced during your production processes. If you run a plant that retreads tires and vulcanizes rubber, for example, your used equipment is almost sure to contain quantities of thermocouple wire.  The same is true if you make yogurt or other dairy products that require cultivation.

If you take your used equipment to a general-purpose scrap metal yard, chances are that you’ll be letting dollars slip through your fingers. The fact is, many kinds of thermocouple wire can be recycled profitably. They include: Type B, R, and S Standard thermocouple wire; platinum alloy thermocouple wire; pure platinum wire; platinum/rhodium thermocouple wire; and, thermocouple wire scrap. Not sure what kind you have? Call Specialty Metals at 800-426-2344 and we’ll help you figure it out.

Your Next Steps for Recycling Your Used Thermocouple Wire

Remember that it is up to you to extract used thermocouple wire before you send it to us for processing. But the time you invest can be well worth it. We will pay you within three weeks after we receive your wire. And you can be certain that you will receive top dollar, because we value metals according to standards that you can verify on your own – the New York and London precious metals market.

Contact us at Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners today. 

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