Don’t Let Precious Silver and Gold Go Down the Drain

If you are in the process of dismantling or selling a manufacturing company, you owe it to yourself and to your bottom line to be sure that you are not overlooking silver and gold that are literally hiding “down the drain” in pipes and other places that you can’t see.

As this photo shows, precious metals can get washed down the drain in many manufacturing processes. They can be reclaimed with the help of a leading gold and silver refinery like Specialty Metals.

Here is some information you should know that could put money in your pocket.

Where can gold and silver be hiding?

It is not uncommon to find them . . .

  • Adhering to the sides of plating and processing tanks
  • Lining the pipes that connect tanks and other pieces of equipment
  • Hiding in screens, filters, mesh, drains and drain traps
  • Clumping in sludge
  • Piling up in quantities of shavings or dust

In those places, gold can often be detected by the naked eye – it does not tarnish and is often easy to spot. Silver, however, may look like a dull black powder. It takes a qualified silver refinery like us to test a sample of what you have to determine its true value.

What manufacturing companies are good places to look for gold?

Some businesses come to mind quickly, others are less obvious . . .

What manufacturing companies are good places to look for silver?

You can find quantities of silver in . . .

  • Plating companies
  • Manufacturers of trophies and commemorative items
  • Photo processing companies and x-ray and imaging laboratories (silver is found down the drain under processing tanks, in processing chemicals, in film, and in photosensitive papers)
  • Manufacturers, dismantlers, and installers of solar panels

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