Discovering Precious Metals: Answers to Four Common Questions

We’re delivering a little extra value in today’s post, by answering not one but four questions that we’ve heard recently about recycling gold and precious metals.

Image of businessperson searching for undiscovered precious metals that Specialty Metals can help refine profitably.

“Can I find undiscovered precious items on eBay?”

Although it is theoretically possible to discover an undervalued piece of 24 karat gold jewelry or another precious item on eBay, the likelihood of that happening is very small. Even if a seller doesn’t know that he or she has listed something priceless for auction online, the marketplace will react quickly, a flurry of bidding will start, and the seller will realize that he or she has something that is worth a lot more than expected.

“It’s not really possible to find valuable things with a metal detector, is it?”

Actually, it really is possible to use a metal detector to discover coins and other items that have been lost . . . or hidden. To review what people have been finding recently, search online for “recent metal detector finds.” The valuable discoveries you read about will probably surprise you.

“Computers contain such small quantities of gold that it’s really not worth recycling them, is it?”

It all comes down to quantity. If you have only one or two old computers or central processing units (CPUs), then recycling them is probably not worth your effort or time. But if you have a larger quantity – say 200 or 300 – you can recycle the gold these used electronics contain using our qualified precious metals refinery and net a significant sum of money.

And when you stop to think about it, it is not really that hard to find 200 or 300 old stockpiled computers that need to be recycled. Schools have them. Hospitals do too. So before you write off the idea of turning old computers into money, take a look around. Also, conducting a computer drive for a local organization can be a good way to raise funds.

“Silver is worth so little, why would anybody bother to recycle it?”

People are asking this question a lot lately, but it represents faulty thinking. Even though silver is trading for prices that are a fraction of gold’s, it is not at all difficult to find very large quantities of silver. You can find it in old tableware, in photographic and x-ray papers and film, in welding supplies, and plenty of other places.

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