Your Guide to Incredibly Useful 2016 Posts on the Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners Blog

Our editorial team had a very busy 2016, writing a total of 46 blog posts on a variety of topics. Some posts contained only nuts-and-bolts advice on finding and processing precious metals. Others covered trends. Yet we did our utmost to deliver practical, usable advice in every post we wrote.  

Photo of 2016 notebook for our guide to top Specialty Metals posts of 2016. Credit: Zerbor/iStock.

In today’s post, we’ll organize those 2016 posts by topic, so you can quickly find the information you’re looking for. Remember that all the post titles below are hypertext – just click on the title of the post you would like to read and it will open in a new browser window.

Posts about Prospecting and Profiting from Precious Metals

Eliminate the Middleman and Make More Money Scrapping Old Computers  

How Much Recyclable Silver Can You Find in Coin Rolls from the Bank?  

You Just Found Something Made of Argentium ... What Is It?  

How to Find Platinum and Silver Hiding in Piles of Mixed Scrap  

Quiz: Which Disappearing Medium Is the Biggest Source of Silver?  

Profiteering Alert: Is Jewelry Scrap the Most Common Source of Karat Gold?   

Recycling Silver Cadmium Contacts Can Give You a Big Payday  

Precious Metals Recycling - Where to Find Gold, Silver and other Precious Metals in Buildings that Were Destroyed by Fire  

Why “Common Wisdom” about Gold Is Often Not Wisdom at All  

Can You Make More Money Recycling Silver than any Other Metal?  

Why Recycling Metals is Socially and Environmentally Responsible  

You’re Not Tossing Used Sputtering Targets from Plating Processes, Are You?  

Looking to Recycle Platinum? What Is the Most Profitable Source?  

How to Eliminate the Middle Man and Get Top Dollar for Your Silver Scrap  

What You Can Learn about Precious Metals on Online Auction Sites  

Posts about Unusual Sources of Precious Metals  

Be on the Alert for Strange Objects Made from Precious Metals  

Conspiracy Theories and Weird Myths about Precious Metals: Which Are True and Which Aren’t?  

Four Videos that Can Help You Discover New Sources of Recyclable Silver  

How to Profit Today from Hidden Deposits of Precious Metals in Factories  

Looking for Gold and Silver in Collectible Knives  

A Guide to Investing in Liquor Flasks  

New Apple Robot Shows Us How to Recycle Old iPhones  

Get a Grip on Your Silver Investments  

Don’t Be Fooled into Buying these Metal Items  

How to Make Money Buying Old Silver Gelatin Photographs  

Make Money Investing in Silver Shot Glasses and Barware  

Silver Bullets, Golden Guns  

What You Need to Know about Making Money in Fabrics Woven with Silver and Gold  

Recycling Precious Metals – It’s Time You Found Out about Findings  

Why Watching Downton Abbey Can Help You Make Money in Precious Metals  

Posts about Catalytic Converters  

Will Advanced Car Technologies Make Catalytic Converters Extinct?  

What’s in a Catalytic Converter? Find Out Fast by Watching this Video  

What Will the New Volkswagen Settlement Mean for Catalytic Converter Availability and Prices?  

New Cars that Could Affect the Future of Catalytic Converters  


Posts about Refining, Recycling Processes and Metallurgy  

What Processes Are Used to Precipitate Precious Metals from Liquid Chemical Solutions?  

Are Rare Earths and Precious Metals the Same Thing?  

Why Burning Scrap Materials Reclaims the Precious Metals They Contain  

How Accurately Can You Test Precious Metals in a Home Lab?  

How to Recognize Platinum When You See It  

Crud - Why the Ugliest Stuff You Find in Old Businesses Can Be Worth Big Dollars  

How to Avoid Poisoning Yourself with Metals  

A Platinum Primer: Where does it come from, where it is used, how you can make money by investing in it?  

Posts about Finances and Investing  

Is It Time to Talk to Your Parents about their Precious Metals?  

Selling Silver or Platinum? How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off  

Posts about Trends  

Will Space Be the Next Frontier for Profiting in Precious Metals?  

Precious Metals Holdings – Why You Should Start Preparing Your 2016 Tax Strategies Now