New Trends in Engagement Ring Design Keeps the Demand for Platinum High

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Do you know any couples who have gotten engaged recently? If you do, chances are good that their engagement rings were made of platinum, not gold. Perhaps even more than the size of the diamond, the beauty of the platinum that was used to make the ring is what is attracting attention today.

Big, Beautiful Platinum Rings

We recently found a post, “7 New Trends in Platinum Engagement Rings” that Severine Ferrari wrote for the Platinum Jewelry Blog. According to Ms. Ferrari, these are some of the innovations that leading jewelry designers are applying to platinum engagement rings today.

Three Large Stones Are Being Used Instead of One

Rather than just setting one diamond or other gemstone in a ring, designers are setting three stones, often one big diamond flanked by two smaller ones. And when you set three stones instead of one, that demands more platinum.

Bezel Settings Are Becoming More Popular

In this style of setting, a number of smaller diamonds or other stones are set in a circle around the main stone. It looks beautiful. It also means that more platinum is needed.

Sapphires Are Being Used as Main Stones, Often Flanked by Diamonds

Ms. Ferrari writes that big blue sapphires are increasingly being set as the biggest stones in engagement rings. To make them stand out dramatically, they are usually flanked by multiple diamonds. Again, the settings for all those additional stones require more platinum.

Diamond Halos Are Gaining in Popularity            

They are rings of small diamonds that are set underneath the main gemstones – and nearly hidden by them. Their purpose is not only to be beautiful, but to capture and refract more light into and around the main diamond or other stone. Halos are complicated settings that require a lot of platinum to secure the extra stones.

Baguette Bands Are Popular Now

These are round rings, sort of like traditional wedding bands. The difference is that a number of small rectangular diamonds are set around the outside of the rings, creating a stunning and luxurious effect.

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