Palladium Recycling: 2019 Is a Great Time to Think about Investing in this Rare Metal

It has been a few months since we wrote about palladium on this blog. And it is time to write about it again. Why? Because palladium trading prices are rising steadily. That’s another way of saying that if you acquired some palladium scrap or bullion a few years ago and simply held onto it, you would be making a nice profit on it today.

How quickly have palladium prices risen? Let’s consider the average trading prices over the last five years.

  • 2019 - $1,368 (current trading price)

  • 2018 - $1,017

  • 2017 - $870

  • 2016 - $615

  • 2015 - $690

You don’t need a calculator to see that the value of palladium has essentially doubled in the last five years. And that demand for palladium is only increasing, due to demand. Palladium is now used in jewelry, industrial catalysts, aerospace applications, medical testing devices, and more.

So our advice to you is, start to collect palladium in all its forms – scrap, old jewelry, used medical equipment, bullion – then call Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners at 800-426-2344 to learn more about turning your supply of palladium into cash.

A Palladium Primer

  • Palladium can be found in a range of manufactured items where few people think to look for it. If you have items that are made of “white gold,” for example, chances are good that they are really made of an alloy of gold and palladium – and that palladium can be extracted by a qualified palladium refiner. 

  • Some jewelry items that appear to be made of platinum are really made of palladium.  That was often done in the years around World War II, when the U.S. government restricted the use of platinum to military production.

  • Palladium is rare in nature and often comes from distant countries. The most extensive deposits are found in South Africa, Russia, Ontario and Montana. 

Where Will You Find Palladium that You Can Recycle?

  • Palladium alloys used in manufacturing, which can include palladium sputter and sputtering targets, palladium sponges, and palladium flake.

  • Palladium catalysts, which can include automotive catalysts, industrial catalysts, petroleum refining catalysts, and palladium foil catalysts.

  • Palladium jewelry items, which can include rings, chains, bracelets and jewelry scrap.

  • Palladium metal itself to be used in manufacturing, which can include palladium wire, palladium castings, palladium rods, palladium mesh, and palladium foil.

  • Palladium resins, which are chemicals used in manufacturing processes.

  • Palladium-plated items, which can include jewelry and other decorative items.

Call Our Expert Palladium Recycling Experts Today

If you have items that you believe might contain palladium call Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners at 800-426-2344 to learn more.   

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